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Transforming your Printing Experience

Welcome to Ivyline, a trusted name in document management technology and solutions. With over two decades of experience, we have been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge products and services to businesses across South Africa.

Established in 1997, Ivyline has grown its footprint with six branches strategically located in Benoni, Mafikeng, Potchefstroom, Rustenburg, Secunda and Vanderbijlpark.

What We Provide

Digital Printing Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your printing capabilities with our state-of-the-art digital printing hardware and software solutions, delivering superior image quality, speed and versatility.
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These solutions include secure printing options, user authentication and encryption protocols, ensuring that confidential documents are safeguarded throughout the printing and document management processes.

• Wide media support, including specialty papers and finishing options, enables high-resolution printing with vibrant colours for impactful marketing materials.

• Variable data printing capabilities for personalized and targeted communications.

• Achieve exceptional print quality, personalize communications, and print on-demand for cost savings, improved engagement, and effective marketing collateral that drives results.

Fully Managed Print Services

Our Managed Print Services provide end-to-end management of your printing infrastructure, optimizing efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring seamless operations.
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• Proactive monitoring, security features like user authentication and secure print release for data protection.

• Cost tracking and reporting for accurate budgeting and cost control.

• Optimize print fleet management to reduce costs, increase productivity, minimize downtime, streamline processes and enhance security and compliance with robust measures.

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Document Workflow Automation

Ivyline’s document solutions offer advanced workflow automation capabilities, streamlining document-intensive processes and improving efficiency.
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This feature enables businesses to automate repetitive tasks, reduce manual errors and increase productivity.

• Intelligent capture and routing of documents for efficient digital processing.

• Integration with existing systems and software streamlines workflows, while automated document classification and indexing ensure easy retrieval and compliance.

• Streamline document-intensive processes, saving time and improving efficiency.

• Enable remote and mobile access to documents for enhanced collaboration and productivity.

• Ensure compliance with document security and data protection regulations.

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Secure Printing and Data Protection

Ivyline prioritizes data security and provides robust features to protect sensitive information.

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These solutions include secure printing options, user authentication and encryption protocols, ensuring that confidential documents are safeguarded throughout the printing and document management processes.


These are some key benefits provided by our Solutions and Services:
Increased Productivity
By leveraging Ivyline’s document solutions, businesses can streamline their document processes, automate tasks and reduce manual errors. This leads to increased productivity, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.
Enhanced Data Security
Ivyline emphasis on data security, ensures that sensitive information remains protected throughout the document lifecycle. This instills confidence in businesses, knowing that their confidential documents are safeguarded against unauthorised access or breaches, protecting their reputation and mitigating risks.
Cost Savings
Ivyline’s document solutions helps businesses optimise their printing infrastructure, reduce unnecessary printing and streamline document workflows. This results in cost savings by minimizing paper and ink consumption, optimizing resource allocation and improving overall operational efficiency.
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Our Promise

Advanced Technology
Cutting-edge printing technology providing superior quality and performance.
Tailored Solutions
Customised printing solutions that ensure optimal efficiency and productivity.
24 Hour Turnaround Time
Enjoy fast and efficient printing services with a 24-hour turnaround time, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.
Excellent Service Delivery
Our experienced technicians will provide exceptional service and support that exceede your expectations.
Trusted Partnership
You will benefit from our industry expertise, reliability and commitment to delivering high-quality printing solutions that help drive your success.

The Power of Partnership

As a Xerox Platinum Dealer, Ivyline Document Solutions offers customers a range of exceptional benefits. By partnering with us, businesses can take advantage of cutting-edge printing technology that delivers superior quality and performance.
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Monitor / Repair

We create and maintain seamless print systems so you can focus on your business

Through our partnership with Xerox, our highly experienced team is able to deliver the best of breed printing solutions and provide you with complete peace of mind,
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Our Range of Xerox Printers

Xerox Home Office printer - 600 x 400

Home Office Printers

  • B Series Black and White Printers
  • C Series Colour Printers
  • Phaser® Printers
  • WorkCentre®
Xerox Office Multifunction Printer - 600 x 400

Office Printers

  • Altalink
  • B-Series
  • C-Series
  • Phaser
  • Versalink
  • Workcentre
Xerox All-in-One Multifunctio Printer - 600 x 400

Multifunction Printers

  • Altalink
  • B-Series
  • C-Series
  • Phaser
  • Versalink
  • Workcentre
  • Primelink
Xerox Digital Press - 600 x 400

Digital Press

  • GEN®

Some of our Customers

What our Customers Say

We were amazed by the exceptional service provided by Ivyline technicians. Their extensive product knowledge and industry experience ensured a swift resolution to our printer issues. They arrived promptly, diagnosed the problem accurately and had our printer up and running in record time. The level of service exceeded our expectations.

Ivyline’s service delivery is top-notch! When we called for printer servicing, their technicians responded promptly. They arrived with a wealth of expertise and quickly identified the problem. Within hours, our printer was fully functional and the quality of their workmanship was exceptional. Ivyline truly goes above and beyond.

Ivyline’s technicians are true professionals. They understand the importance of minimal downtime and their quick response time was impressive. They wasted no time in diagnosing and resolving our printer issues, ensuring that our operations were not disrupted. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched.

Ivyline’s technicians are a dream to work with. From the moment we logged the service call, their team sprang into action. Their speedy arrival and efficient troubleshooting demonstrated their expertise. They went above and beyond to exceed our expectations, ensuring that our printer was back in operation in no time.